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The shining threshold
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Creating freely

I think due to the fact that my collagen doesn’t work properly (which is part of your body’s structure) I like to create a lot of structures around me to hold me up, especially while I have been healing. I think this is why Christianity was so seductive, lots of structure, easily accessible. However, now […]

Living well Spirituality

Warrior no more

I love the concept of archetypes, I can’t even remember when I found about the idea, but I suspect it has always been there because of the vast amount of reading I have always done. An archetype is: a constantly recurring symbol or motif in literature, painting, or mythology (this usage of the term draws […]


Red Tent

I was Googling around a couple of weeks ago, trying desperately to find a 5 Rhythms dance class, or a version of it, near to where I live. There are plenty in London, but I find getting into London exhausting and I do it enough for work. In my Google travels I found a Red […]


I can’t do it anymore…

I can’t do it anymore. I can’t force myself to fit in with a belief system that makes me so angry at patriarchy, at the damage it has done in the world. So that’s it, I am no longer calling myself a Christian. I desperately wanted to be. I wanted to fit in, both with […]