Living well

(not) Living with the flow

I am beginning to wonder if I purposefully put myself at cross purposes to the flow of life. It does feel like I struggle and batter away at things an awful lot.  Nimue commented on this post, that maybe i am not a mystic, but a magician,as I am someone who does. Maybe this is […]

Living well

In the tension

As I continue to battle the versions of myself, I come to a conclusion.  What if the answer is in living in the tension? That the answer is yes, and… not either or, or a straight no. But yes – and!  That the answer lies in being in the middle and giving light to all […]

Living well

On not knowing

I am someone who likes certainty and clear cut answers.  Programming appeals to me because it is quite binary (hah, that’s a geek joke), this works, or it doesn’t. I need to find why it doesn’t and what I can do to get it to work.  I am a binary thinking person. I like things […]

Living well

Going back to paid employment

Very recently I’ve made a big and scary step to going back to paid employment, rather than being a full time freelancer. There is a lot of rhetoric out there that being self employed is the only way to be happy, the only way to have control over your life. I absolutely believed this, but […]

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On not writing

Annie Dillard rightly says in her book ‘The Writing Life’ How we spend our days is of course, how we spend our lives Obvious isn’t it? If someone were to analyse my life what would it look like my priorities were? I do a lot of different things, I love learning and trying new things. […]

Living well Simplicity

Small kindesses

One of the things which has turned me away from the minimalist movement (and thinking more about simplicity instead) is how cold I found it to be – for me at any rate. I got rid of so many things, many I now regret, and I think it made my life a little less enjoyable. […]

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Oh, I struggle with this site, and once again the domain name is up for renewal and I wonder if I should bother paying out the £30 odd a year it takes to keep it up and running. There is a part of me that would like to say ‘sod it’ and do all of […]