There is a part of me who wants to serve God at a deeper level, that I need to offer more to God, or at least open up to God more.  But I love playing the flute in my band, I want to play my violin more and spend more time taking photographs.  I like […]


Prayerful support of blogging

Thank you all for your words of encouragement on my last post of beginning again and again and again. For some reason I didn’t get notifications of your comments, so apologies for not replying to them all sooner. I forget that my little blog is part of a wider web of blogs, that there are […]

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Oh, I struggle with this site, and once again the domain name is up for renewal and I wonder if I should bother paying out the £30 odd a year it takes to keep it up and running. There is a part of me that would like to say ‘sod it’ and do all of […]


Searching for connection

I yearn to have a deep connection with the divine. Regardless of what group I am exploring my spirituality with, the ‘form’ of the divine, that tidal pull towards IT** is inescapable, I am powerless to resist, and I don’t want to, I want to be swept away with IT, to be at One with […]



I struggle with groups… I always have done, I think it is down to my personality type, but I am much happier on my own, generally speaking. I love playing in my band, and we are a community, but we have a core focus, we turn up, play songs, chat a little in the middle […]


Have a little faith

Oh wow, I came across this little video series featuring Nadia Bolz-Weber a Lutherian Pastor (Forgiving assholes is my favourite! ) and thought – that’s it – that’s what I want. I want my church to be like that. Although these days I look fairly normal (aside from when I wrap my hair), with a […]