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Living well


We are constantly told to fight, to strive, to achieve. Rhetoric in the media makes us feel like we have to be on permentant defense against the world. Social media makes it seem like everyone else is doing really well. And why aren’t you doing better. Why aren’t you buying the latest thing?

Fight more.

Strive more.

Be more.


It is utterly exhausting. Nothing is ever good enough. Something else will attack. Something else will come along.

If you fight then you will lose.

Surrender instead.

Surrender is a much more gentle approach to life. It’s not the same as giving up though. It is slightly different. You are relinquishing control and letting go.

What are you surrendering to? Well that’s up to you. It might be your illness. It might be God, your divine power, your inner self. It might be what are you surrendering from – fighting, wanting to be the best, wanting the best.

It’s about letting go of the effort and letting things come to the surface that might not have been able to get through the constant fight and effort you have been letting through.

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