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Living well

Symbolic new year’s day

I read ages ago the idea of doing everything you want to do in the year on new year’s day. I’ve done this the last couple of years and I find it really sets my expectations and hopes for the year and it is a mini ritual of my own to mark the new year, […]

Living well Mental health

To write or not to write

Like most people at this time of year I spend a lot of time reflecting on the past year, which for me means re-reading my journals. As I was reading, I realised how dull my journals were and I started to question the point of actually doing them in the first place. I spend a […]

Living well Spirituality

The Lure

Guardian Jobs is addictive for me. I sit there and I look at all the cool jobs I could be doing, working in London full time for some great organisations, working on fabulous projects. I forget that I like huge amounts of time to myself, being able to wonder about in the wood, oh and […]


This is a practice

As so often happens in my meditation sessions I was reminded that what matters is turning up on the mat, day after day and not judging the practice. It’s bin day today, which means lots of beeping, banging and crashing just outside the window. Then someone started effing and blinding at the bin men and […]

Living well Spirituality

SMART and joyful goals

This time of year, like most people, I sit back and review where I am in relation to where I wanted to be. I set myself various goals, and for the most part, I am happy with where I got with them, I achieved most of them, others less so. Here’s the thing, I have […]


Bumbling, stumbling faith

Over a year ago my husband told me that I wasn’t a mystic, but a techie. It broke my heart. But I decided he was right, and this awareness might lead to happiness. So I started to learn to code. However, I was also trying to do my grade 5 Music Theory exam (having never […]

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Light Writer

As is my want, I flip from wanting to do this to wanting to do that. What I do want at the moment, is something which as a freelancer I am greatly lacking, stability. I’ve applied for an awesome admin role at an awesome place which will allow me to do work which satisfied my […]

Mental health Spirituality

Depression and God

Last week was the time the kids all went back to school, the new year starts! Hurrah. My arts consultancy work has been very quiet over the summer, as it usually is, and that was fine during August. However, as soon September started I fell into a depression. I had the last week of August […]