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SMART and joyful goals

This time of year, like most people, I sit back and review where I am in relation to where I wanted to be. I set myself various goals, and for the most part, I am happy with where I got with them, I achieved most of them, others less so. Here’s the thing, I have […]


Bumbling, stumbling faith

Over a year ago my husband told me that I wasn’t a mystic, but a techie. It broke my heart. But I decided he was right, and this awareness might lead to happiness. So I started to learn to code. However, I was also trying to do my grade 5 Music Theory exam (having never […]

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Light Writer

As is my want, I flip from wanting to do this to wanting to do that. What I do want at the moment, is something which as a freelancer I am greatly lacking, stability. I’ve applied for an awesome admin role at an awesome place which will allow me to do work which satisfied my […]

Mental health Spirituality

Depression and God

Last week was the time the kids all went back to school, the new year starts! Hurrah. My arts consultancy work has been very quiet over the summer, as it usually is, and that was fine during August. However, as soon September started I fell into a depression. I had the last week of August […]

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Soul of a Nation

Visiting the Tate’s Soul of a Nation exhibition reminded me how important art is, how it has the power to show others how things are, highlighting what is happening, both positive and negative. This is an extremely well curated show, with the first rooms shocking in their intensity and the outright hatred and violence that […]

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I spend a huge amount of time journalling, and recently I have been questioning if it is a waste of time, a self indulgent and rather expensive form of procrastination away from what I truly want to be doing. Writing my novel and doing photography. Why expensive? Because it is a tactile and sensual experience […]

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Renewing the blog

The domain and hosting for this blog is up for renewal and I have been questioning if I should continue it on. As I’ve said before this is my third attempt at a spiritual focused blog, and I wonder why I do it. If I am being completely practical, I should focus my time and […]


Christian Druid?

OK, so maybe I was a little hasty to say I was done with Christianity here and here I was definitely throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The part of Christianity that I wanted to hold true to – pretty much everything that Jesus says and God’s love is a gift of grace for us […]