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This blog is closing

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, about me, this blog, my exisitance and who I am. 

I initially started this blog, and its predecessors because I needed a space to be able to write and not be found out. My blog under my name, Jen Farrant, was originally set up because I felt as a professional freelancer I couldn’t possibly write as me. I couldn’t actually be me could I? That is just a stupid idea and a way to stop people hiring me. 

So, I had this blog, where I was able to talk about the things which matter…except I didn’t do that really either. I haven’t addressed the important things which I really want to talk about on this blog, because I am afraid of being seen. 

This weekend I attended the Between the Tides festival (my write up here) and I found it deeply interesting, not least how many of us women in particular are afraid of telling our stories. 

I have had enough. I want to share my stories: fiction and non-fiction. 
There is also something about cutting down and cutting back, keeping up two websites is time consuming, and even if I am not doing any writing there, it is taking up valuable brain space. 

So, I invite you to join me over at Jen Farrant – please do follow me.

I will be commenting on your blogs as Jen Farrant 

My Instagram and Twitter are here too, although I waver around actually using them or not depending on how I am feeling. 

Will the content and focus change? Yes, I hope to be a lot more me, less blathing about indecisions and am I think or am I that? I am this. Me. Jen. 

This blog will stay up until my hosting contract expires, which is September.

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