Work with me

I love to collaborate with people on a range of projects. Talk to me on LiminalLuminous AT gmail DOT com – I am always happy to bounce ideas around.


All photos on this site are my own. For the most part they are taken on an iPhone 6S, however photography posts are mainly shot on my Olympus OMD, which I utterly adore. I would love to discuss photography projects with people, it is likely to be a creative assignment, however I am open to ideas!


I am open to writing articles and guest posts on any of the subjects I talk about here. I love writing and would love to chat about opportunities.

Speaking, workshops and other live events

I am used to writing and delivering events, I am a qualified teacher, so I am skilled at communicating messages in creative ways. I am happy to run workshops or speak on anything I blog about here.


If you would like to talk to discuss any of these please do get in touch at LiminalLuminous AT gmail DOT com – watch out for the double L in the middle. I am more than happy to chat through ideas.