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Challenging the recovering body


I am finally making headway with my swimming, building up to 1750 meters with no aftereffects, it’s a long way from the 3000 meters that I used to be able to do without thinking about it, but when you consider that it wasn’t so long ago that I couldn’t do 50 meters I’m doing great. What I really want to do is head to outdoor swimming, and I have found a local, safe place to do it, which is highly monitored by staff and kyaks in the water. I have my wet suit and I’m ready to go. Except fear is still there – not least of which is will I fit into my wetsuit. Will I set myself and my recovery back a long time?

Four years ago I did a race around the docklands of London and I did pretty well, so this is not a new thing. But of course, that was before I got sick.

I kind of feel like I need to get on and do it and find out. I’m on holiday this week, with nothing to do except what I want to do, so going along to the evening session this week would allow me 4 days to recover if things do go bad!

Do I do it? Do I dare push myself and possibly swim free and happy, but also possibly set my recovery back?

But I want to do it, swimming in a pool is great and I am lucky to have such a cheap one so close to me, but it doesn’t compare to being outdoors.

And now I am following a more nature based path I want to be in as many elements as I can possibly get to.

We shall see….

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  1. Could you talk to a doctor or someone who knows more about this than you do?

    Anyway, best of luck in conquering your fear, and in being successful if you do decide to push your body. I hope everything goes well for you. 🙂

    With Love,

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