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Creativity as a route to God

It’s not a new idea is it? That we can reach God through music and art?

You only have to look at the sheer amount of sacred music and art, or even walk into a religious building to see it. There are exceptions of course, but it does seem to be a good way to celebrate God.

But what creating art, not just consuming it? And how would that work for those of us who are not Bach or Michael Angelo SP, but just regular people.

There are times when I am playing my flute (now that I am at a decent standard) when I do feel a connection with God, my body and soul seems to resonate. Even my kantele (a Finnish lap harp), where I just moodle about and get into a bit of a trance seems to connect me. The piano doesn’t at the moment and I suspect that is because I am frustrated at the difference between my ability and what I want to do.

Sometimes when I am writing I feel so in the zone that it is practically divine.

Needless to say these moments are few and far between, especially with my writing. But I do feel like studying music and putting in the effort with writing is a service for God. I am not entirely sure why or how just yet, other than it is just something I feel.

Is that arrogant? I don’t mean it to be. And I am not saying that I believe I should be on the stage at the Royal Albert Hall or anything along those lines. It is just, sometimes, I feel like the beauty of music is a direct connection between me and God.

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