Liminal Luminous

a wandering, wondering space of devotion, creativity and freedom.
Living well Spirituality


Hello and welcome to Liminal Luminous. I’m Jen Farrant. This site contains my meandering thoughts on living a good life and seeking the light. It is mainly based on my yogic practice and all that entails.

Liminal = threshold/boundary. Luminous = shining/full of light, hence, a shining threshold. Find out more about the name, and me here.

I’m a creative freelancer, which covers: consultant, researcher, writer and web developer. This is over at my work site.

I look for the positive in storytelling project – Beautiful Thurrock.

I’m a creative and spiritual soul, finding my way through this world. I struggle at times, but I think we all do. I practice yoga, photography and poetry as a way to cope with life.

I’d love to hear from you, feel free to comment or get in touch at LiminalLuminous AT gmail DOT com. Watch out for that double L in the middle!

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