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Living well

Making space for the divine

Like so many things I feel if I could just get this right, find the right formula for making space for the divine to come into my life then all will be well.

But like so many things there is no perfect formula. And even if there were, daily life would get in the way of it and mess it up and that would make me very angry!

The annoying thing is that I know that I am happiest when I do have that space, when I dedicate specific times in my day for spending with the divine. Even if nothing especially happens in that time, when the allocated time slot is spent with the divine as my focus I am calmer and more content, if not actually happy.

So why then is it so easy for those time slots to get deprioristed? I think there is an easy word – busy. It is easy to become too busy with the every day, with work, the housework, falling into the internet to lose track of my core focus.

Keeping my life simple and free of too many commitments and distractions is the best way to stay focused on God. Why is that so hard to keep my life like that? It seems to require a lot of attention and effort to keep a simple life. If I don’t stay vigilant a whole load of things – both commitments, stuff to do, meetings and more just seem to spring up in my life, like weeds. It is an odd thing which I don’t understand. And for some reason those core devotional times get reduced and the additional spaces, like walking in the woods with Buster, get cancelled and he and I have to do with walking around the local playing fields and although it is exercise, it isn’t restorative like being in the woods or by the sea is. Those times are also a way to connect with the divine.

But what I do know is that more time I spend with God the more emotionally stable and contented I am, so I guess I need to stay vigilant and remind myself of that.

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  1. Thank you for this post. It was like you had been in my head. So comforting that someone else has the same dilemmas.

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