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Living well

No firm plans…

Part of the problem with this blog, my continual process of starting and stopping, is that I am always questioning my identity, my faith and the fundamentals of who I am. This makes it difficult to actually write because I am worried that I haven’t set out who I am and what I want to achieve. I don’t have a clear target audience in mind. I will not be writing about a very narrow niche. But I have finally realised that I need to write everyday, to work on my creative projects every day. And while I have bigger projects in mind – large scale photography projects, a novel or two, I like the immediacy of blogging. I also process my thoughts by writing.

I’ve realised that if I don’t write then anxiety quickly builds up as there isn’t an outlet for these thoughts, they just go round and around in my head. Which leaves me slightly crazy and actually the anxiety can develop into full blown depression, which it has done for the past couple of months. It’s funny, you would think after all of these years I would be more proficient in spotting the early warning signs of depression, and yet, some how I am not.

And then of course it takes a huge amount of energy to drag myself back out of it again. To do the things which make a huge difference in my life, which for me is honouring my creative work first and foremost above all else.

So, I am not going to worry about whether or not I should do this blog under a different name from my professional name (you will see on the work with me page that I link back to my work blog), or what should go here or on my other site. I think my other site is going to only be things directly related to creativity or my client work. Here will be everything else, I need this space.

But I’m not going to be going all out on social media on it. I may get back into Instagramming, as I quite like connecting with people on there, but first and foremost it is the writing which is key for me. There is nothing for you to buy, although I would be delighted for people to talk about working with me, either as a writer or photographer. That may change in the future, but right now I need to get back into writing daily. I’m sure I won’t post daily, but writing daily (aside from Sundays) is what I want to be doing right now.

What about you? Are there any practices you feel you have to do in order to stay fully you?

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