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Nope, definitely an introvert!

I came across a new noun today – a webtrovert, someone who is energised by spending time alone. This has been invented by Sara Tasker, from Me and Orla to describe how she feels. She says

I ‘fill up’ by hanging out online, and a big part of that is chatting on social media. That special kind of socialising to can do in bed, in leggings, with messy hair, and occasionally with a glass of wine to hand. The kind of socialising where I can consider the perfect phrasing, or stop to follow my thought to it’s end before I speak. The kind where I can connect with like-minded people, at any time of day, and walk away when my brain starts to swim.

In this way, Twitter and Instagram are much like a non-stop party that I’m choosing to attend

you can read her article here.

Ah! I reaslised actually this is not me, I really and truly am an introvert, I dislike spending time online socialising, I did her Instagram course recently and I didn’t enjoy it at all. Please don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying it wasn’t a good course, but it really wasn’t for me and this is why – because I found it deeply stressful having to try to build an online community on social media because of the speed and immediacy. It’s different with blogging.

If you listen to the word of people like Sara you would believe that you can only have a self employed business by being on social media most of the time. My online heroine is Alexandra Franzen, who is a self-employed writer WHO ISN’T ON SOCIAL MEDIA. I know! Deeply shocking, It is practically heresy in this day and age. I bought into the idea that I had to be online and have a huge online group of friends. Well, I don’t, I really am a solitary person and I don’t have many in life friends either – certainly not enough for a gathering. And actually I don’t like gatherings, I prefer meeting people one-to-one, preferably while on a walk with a nice cup of tea at the end.

I think I am beginning to come around to the idea that there is room in the world for all of us. Yes, I am sure it will take me much longer to build my little blog here and a following because I will not be promoting it heavily on Twitter. When I have finished a project that I am currently doing I will look to start up using Instagram again, but I don’t think I am fussed about Twitter.

I need lot of free time to sit and think and moodle about in my little book. Social media interrupts my life quite considerably as it doesn’t allow me to have these long periods of uninterrupted thought.

Solitude is good, but I think I would go mad if I didn’t deliver workshops sometime, such as for Royal Opera House Bridge, or my photography workshops, or go to my concert band rehearsals. I adore delivering workshops, but they are very draining, while at the same time they feed me in a different way. There is a balance to be had, but none the less I am very firmly in the introvert camp.

Anyway, something to think about – are you an introvert, extrovert of webtrovert?

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