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Odious comparisons

A friend recently congratulated me on swimming for 40 minutes. I replied!

Hmm, it’s nothing compared with what it used to be

She immediately gave a personal example of what she used to be able to do (super impressive!), and then went onto say companions are odious.

How right she is and how easy this is to forget. Even if you have haven’t fallen ill and lost the ability to do a lot of things I bet there are things you can no longer do today which you used to be able to do with ease. This is due to so many factors – ageing, not focusing on that ‘thing’ any more, life getting in the way etc.

She challenged both of us whenever we were comparing ourselves to the past we had to come up with two things we can do now which we never used to be able to do.

I responded that we should text each other the results of that as it was a great idea.

Do you compare yourself negatively to a different version of you? What about looking for ways in which you are able to do things now which you never used to be able to do?

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  1. I like this approach. I think it also helps a lot to have someone to do this sort of work with, to witness and support. It’s also often easier to be kind to other people where we aren’t kind to ourselves, so a friend walking the same path can be really helpful in that way.

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