My photography mainly focuses on the small, everyday things. My practice is a mix of mindfulness and gratitude. I actively seek change; how the same places vary day by day, both naturally and through human interaction.

Odd juxtapositions, the unusual, different or beautiful catch my eye as I move through my days. These often prompt tiny poems, and I combine these with image to capture the moment in time.

I live in Thurrock, which in 2012 the Guardian claimed was the cesspit of the nation. As such I am on a campaign to look for the beauty here, tucked away in the nook and crannies. This currently focuses on the nature of Thurrock, but I hope to expand this to cover places and people. I started a  story telling project called Beautiful Thurrock and this has a hashtag too over on Instagram.

I am keen to talk to people about photo assignments, get in touch at LiminalLuminous AT gmail DOT com (watch out for the double L in the middle). You may also want to look at my Instagram and Flickr feed. Photo assignments are likely to be a creative commission, rather than an event report style.

All photos on this site are my own, for the most part they are taken on an iPhone 6S, however there are the occasional photo from my Olympus OMD, which I utterly adore.