I love writing poetry, trying to find exactly the right words to convey exactly what it is I am thinking.

I try to write my tiny poems as an expression of my mindfulness and gratitude practice. Sometimes my photography and poetry feed each other, and I overlay the two to create something new.

I share tiny poems, often just three or four lines long over on my poetry Instagram Jen Farrant Poet, I try to share a tiny poem most days.

My tiny poems have evolved out of a practice develop by Satyavarni and Kaspalita from Writing our Way Home – they call them Small Stones. I highly recommend their courses for developing mindful writing.

I write longer form poetry too, some of which are shared on my blog here. I also perform my poems at events.

I would love to discuss writing and, or performing poems for a particular project or event, or as a poet in residence. Get in touch by emailing LiminalLuminous AT gmail DOT com (watch out for the double L in the middle!)