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Prayerful support of blogging

Thank you all for your words of encouragement on my last post of beginning again and again and again.

For some reason I didn’t get notifications of your comments, so apologies for not replying to them all sooner.

I forget that my little blog is part of a wider web of blogs, that there are many of us who are writing about our own stumbling path way through the world. Turning up is what is important, even when we are feeling alone.

In the Quaker Faith and Practice, Advices and Queries it says:

Come regularly to meeting for worship even when you are angry, depressed, tired or spiritually cold. In the silence ask for and accept the prayerful support of others joined with you in worship. Try to find a spiritual wholeness which encompasses suffering as well as thankfulness and joy. Prayer, springing from a deep place in the heart, may bring healing and unity as nothing else can. Let meeting for worship nourish your whole life.

Quaker Faith and Practice Version 5, Advices and Queries, number 10

For me this is what blogging can be. As I have written numerous times writing helps me to think, reading others’ writing does the same and commenting on each others’ blogs helps as a form of prayerful support.

I think I just need to turn up and share regulalry, even when I am tired and spiritually cold!

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