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Renewing the blog

The domain and hosting for this blog is up for renewal and I have been questioning if I should continue it on. As I’ve said before this is my third attempt at a spiritual focused blog, and I wonder why I do it.

If I am being completely practical, I should focus my time and energy on my Jen Farrant blog, which is where I have a business, people can employ me as a consultant, working primarily in the arts and not for profit sector, a writer and a photographer. Sure I have a work with me page here, but I don’t exactly promote it.

It would make more sense to spend my time in one place and growing JF, and hopefully my business, especially now that I am getting well again and have more energy for work.

But, I’ve stopped doing spiritual blogging before and regretted it, it is such a core part of my life, it is intrinsic to who I am, and I love writing. It is how I think and I find it quite easy – well blogging at any rate. Working on my novel, when I desperately want to be a fiction writer is a damn site harder. Even writing articles and essays I find easy, my novel? Not so much.

I’ve questioned if it would be possible for me to still continue a deep spiritual practice and NOT blog about it. Radical thought I know, a part of the to know, to dare, to keep silent thought process. But, I’ve come to the conclusion, that no, I can’t. It’s funny though, it’s not like I have a clear and strong message that I want to share with the world, I am not trying to convert anyone to anything. But none the less I have to write and share.

So I will be renewing the domain and the hosting and continuing blogging. I’m not setting myself any goals or objectives for this site, it is just a place for me to write and muse about what has been the most consistent part of myself, my continual seeking and devotion to the Divine.

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  1. I’ve been round similar things. I came to the conclusion that writing books was creating an odd distortion in my spiritual life, but the blog isn’t. I think because it feels less fixed, more experimental, but i’m not entirely sure.

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