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Simplicity by the bag load

I am always striving for simplicity, but I find that I can often get so caught up in finding the perfect simple solution that I over complicate my life. Does that make sense? Is that something you do?

I have to use a rucksack, because otherwise I quite quickly get shoulder issues. I am ok to use a shoulder bag for a day, but any more than that I find it causes shoulder pain and after a while it can even lead to a sublaxation of the joint – which is a kind of mini dislocation. This causes pain and more disconcertedly pins and needles and slight numbness in my fingers. I really don’t like this. Also using a walking stick a lot of time is a pain with a handbag. All part of of EDS-HT unfortunately.

Anyway. I have a small rucksack for day to day and then a larger one for when I need my laptop.

I could use the larger one all the time, but then I feel like I have a massive bag that’s empty and I end up filling it with stuff. And of course it is better for you to travel light.

But my rucksacks are quite athletic looking and I wanted something a bit more, well not elegant but a little less like I’m about to set off on a three hour hike.

So I searched online. And did some more research, hours of research. I fell in love with a specific brand and spent ages looking at them all on Instagram.

I ordered two bags, only planning on keeping one of them. But only after a lot of time thinking about it. And I mean a lot of time.

What I forgot to take into account is all the people wearing these bags are hipster or Asian. I have a broad, athletic body, it is not the same shape as a skinny hipster. The bags were a) totally the wrong shape for me b) design over substance, so although they were relatively expensive they looked cheap and c) the wrong capacity – one too small and one too big.

So then of course, I had to package them up, go to a post office and pay to send them back. What I didn’t check before I purchased is they subtract £4 for each bag in their postage and packaging before refunding them. Ouch, so I lost out by £13 (inc the postage back to them) and a LOT of time.

Why do I do this? True simplicity would be making do with the bag that I have until it disintegrates, which as I only buy good quality things won’t be for quite a while.

What else could I have done with that time? What else could I have done with that money?

I really do get annoyed with myself when I do this. This is not living a simple life, but a really complex one in the guise of simplicity!

What about you? Do you live a simple life? Are you trying to?

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