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One of the things which has turned me away from the minimalist movement (and thinking more about simplicity instead) is how cold I found it to be – for me at any rate.

I got rid of so many things, many I now regret, and I think it made my life a little less enjoyable.

Wednesdays are a busy day – by my standards at least. I have my violin lesson, which finishes at 6pm, then I have band at 7.45pm. My violin lesson is half way between home and band, so there is no point going home, not least because the traffic is such that by the time I get there I would have to turn around and go back out again.

So I have started taking some tea/coffee (It’s a very late night by my standards, but I don’t think I should have coffee again), along with a light dinner and a home made snack.

Now, my husband bought me my delightful cup and bottle – which keeps things cool or hot as required – for my birthday. These certainly are not minimal! But they do encourage a simple life. I have to drive past 2 McDonalds between lesson and band. But having lovely food in pretty things means that even an in car pit stop is turned into an act of small kindness.

I’m beginning to realise that life is made up of these small moments of pleasure. I enjoy drinking from this pretty little cup – it makes me smile, my husband chose this specific cup for me, from a lady who paints at home in the West Country, it is pretty, it is supporting a woman in her business. It encourages me to take the time to bake something to eat with it.

I am not a natural homemaker by any standards, it was not on my game plan (oh how we laugh at such things), but I can take tiny steps. I’m not going to be appearing on Great British Bake Off any time soon, but I can make a simple Victoria sponge.

Small kindnesses, to ourselves, to our communities, are important, they bring tiny moments of pleasure. This little moments of happiness are what makes a very good life. It’s taken me a long time to figure this out. Minimalist it isn’t, but simple? YES!

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