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Staying in the here and now


I am very good at getting so caught up in the here and now. That what is in front of me it utterly overwhelming. I can’t deal with this project thing now and so I can never deal with it, or at least that is what my mind tells me.

Does that ring a bell for you?

I am very sensitive to the world around me, a combination of my nervous system being jacked up high as a result of my EDS-HT, but also because I am an introvert and a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). I can get affected by everything quickly and a strongly and I am prone to forgetting that this is just in this moment. This is just now. Not forever.

In meditation practice there is an image of looking at the torrential rain pour, the thunder and lighting, the thick clouds too (all representing our thoughts) and rising above it. Out beyond it to the blue sky above. It’s true. Next time you go on holiday in a plane look out the window and you will notice that once you get through the clouds it is all bright, blue, clear sky.

Now of course this imagery is wonderful and if we could allow ourselves to remember this it will help us a great deal. When we are in the moment and everything is all to much we need to remember that despite the hailstones around us right now, above this is bright blue sky.
We just need to get this. This can be achieved through meditation, although I am not suggesting that in that moment of overwhelm you drop into meditation (although I sometimes do, if it is safe to do so). But what you can do is take a moment, just to focus on the breath, to forget about the situation that is causing you stress and tune in with your breath and how you are feeling. Often this breathing space can remind us that it is all ok, that there is blue sky out there.

And of course this sounds incredibly simple and it really isn’t at first, but if we can continue to practice, especially if we have a dedicated formal meditation or prayer period, then over time those blue skies get easier to reach….

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