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The barefaced cheek of minimalism

Yesterday’s blog post has left me feeling rather raw and tender, I have had to battle with myself not to go and take it down. I really am deeply uncomfortable admitting my Christianity. I feel that it might limit the readership of this blog (which currently is a handful of people, but no-one who comments regularly), and that I would be better off being generically spiritual. But this is quickly becoming the foundation of my life and I don’t want to live a lie. I’m still worried in case my friends who have known me for years will find it and mock me or generally be astounded as to how I could on earth become a Christian. I was a rather anti-Christian Pagan for quite some time. I don’t feel like I can adequately explain why as yet, and that is partly why I am blogging about it. I express myself best through writing and I am hopeful that I will be able to explain why over time. Anyway….onto today’s actual post.

I pretty much live in jeans and I have two pairs, every day and the exact same cut and style in a dark wash which gets worn to meetings (I work in the arts) and then get taken off as soon as I get in the door – I have a hairy, slobbery and very affectionate dog and so this is a necessary step.

I was really happy about my choices of clothes, except I could do with a pair of smart-ish trousers for when I go to interviews, or to schools. I wear my jeans pretty much all day every day, except I have a couple of sets of walking clothes – the aforementioned dog, Buster, means I get really muddy when we go to the woods.

Yesterday I was just about to head out the door to go to a photography workshop that I was delivering for some 12-15 year olds, I squatted down to pick something up – R-I-I-I-P, yep, right across the inside of my upper thigh my jeans had split. Luckily it was before I walked out of the house and wasn’t while I was actually delivering the workshop. I believe in order to take good photos you have to move, including squatting, so there is a very strong chance this could have happened in front of the young people. How awful would that have been?!

Luckily a pair of jeans had escaped the last two trips to the charity shop so I was able to wear them. Due to the physical nature of my workshops my best jeans wouldn’t have been appropriate. None the less I quickly realised why those jeans were in the charity shop box they don’t stay up, are bootcut and rather unflattering!

So now I have to go emergency shopping for another pair of jeans. I detest shopping. Jeans shopping most of all, it can be quite upsetting! But still. It has to be done.

Maybe this is an example of being too extreme with the minimalism. I had noted that they were wearing rather heavily – I bought them in September and they are a good make, but they are stretchy denim and that’s because I am incapable of sitting properly and often sit cross legged. I had recently bought a pair of climbing trousers to wear around the house – on the basis they are hard wearing, have pockets and an elastic waist and so would be comfortable. None the less it was too little too late.

My husband has been saying for ages that I should have another pair of jeans and I have been taking quite a lot of pride at how bare and minimal my wardrobe is. Ack, well we know the saying, pride comes…..

Luckily this wasn’t an actual barefaced bum cheek in front of a group of young people, but it really wasn’t that far off. So, for my birthday I am going to get another pair of jeans (maybe two!) and smart pair of trousers too. Maybe a couple of other things too, but they will probably be the shopping for the rest of the year. But I won’t be in danger of exposing myself to anyone else!

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