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This is a practice

As so often happens in my meditation sessions I was reminded that what matters is turning up on the mat, day after day and not judging the practice.

It’s bin day today, which means lots of beeping, banging and crashing just outside the window. Then someone started effing and blinding at the bin men and I smiled to myself. Ah yes! I am doing so well, I haven’t let this disturb my practice at all.

What a good, spiritual person I am.

ha ha ha ha ha hah!!

I silently laughed, oh I am foolish being, a bombu being, and tried to come back to my breath.

Nope. I’m still laughing. Then thinking about what an amazing blog post this will make.

I pick up my beads and do a round of my mantra, the one that tells me I am God’s and loved by God.

I return to my breath and surrender my practice, the bin men and neighbours to God.

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